• Marketing's Holy Grail Has Been Found

    Superior ROI. Same Marketing Budget.

    Neuromarketology™, the one to one neuromarketing book that was emblazoned on Times Square billboards and that’s been written about in hundreds of publications and on thousands of websites, is the definitive guide to dramatically improve ROI using a brand’s existing budget.

    Marketers have been looking for strategies to vastly improve ROI for generations, but they have always been disappointed. Until now.

    This one to one book on neuromarketing details how to finally achieve superior ROI without adding to a brand’s marketing budget.

  • The first step is neuromarketing: Using hyper-relevant, emotionally resonating marketing messages tailored to your brand’s specific target audiences.

    But neuromarketing doesn’t end there.

    This one to one book, Neuromarketology™, takes neuromarketing much further, which is possible because of scientific findings about branding, coupled with the ongoing convergence of media platforms and the development of highly sophisticated strategic workflow systems.

    The result of a dynamic neuromarketing campaign is the
    Right Message in the Right Place at the Right Time in the Right Way.

  • To achieve vastly improved ROI, as detailed in one to one book Neuromarketology, interactive agencies must have:

      a) Marketing strategists and creatives who craft individualized messages that emotionally resonate with each of your brand’s target audiences, using dynamic real-time segmentation.

      b) Technology to track integrated marketing campaigns geared toward multiple target audiences, in real time.

      c) Experience to understand the nuances of interactive marketing campaigns from behavioral mapping, to media placement and PR, to real-time metrics.
  • Brian Fabiano, author of one to one book on neuromarketing, Neuromarketology™, founded FabCom in 1992. It is now the No. 5 interactive marketing agency in the fifth largest U.S. city, according to Phoenix Business Journal.

    FabCom’s clients achieve superior ROI without adding to their existing budgets.

    FabCom has invested the millions of dollars and the years of time needed to put in place the technology and team to implement high-impact neuromarketing campaigns, so its clients don’t have to.

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The one to one book that turns neuromarketing into an actionable plan that vastly improves the impact of a brand’s advertising and marketing messages.
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